Star Wars BB-8 Inflatable

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Believe it or not, but BB-8 isn’t all business. It is true that when he’s hanging out with Poe Dameron, he spends most of his time trying to smuggle secret maps and making quick repairs on Poe’s X-Wing. Don’t let that fool you into thinking he doesn’t know how to relax and cut loose by the pool! Just check out this awesome inflatable based on the Star Wars droid.

This BB-8 inflatable has features seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, like printed orange accents and plenty of fake metallic details. Just inflate it up, either with an air pump or a manually, and he’s ready to rock! You can use him to play some pool games, or take him with you on your next trip to the beaches of Naboo. Either way, we’re sure that both you and little BB-8 will have a great time soaking up the sun!