SuperSoft Water Workout Belt

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The Texas Rec Buoyancy Belt allows customers to participate in key aquatic exercises. Customers should strap this belt around the waist and find a deep part of the pool. While wearing this belt you can do crunches and similar core exercises. Aquatic fitness routines will increase your balance, stamina and overall fitness. Customers will also find jogging in the pool with a buoyancy belt is a great workout. Coupling the buoyancy belt with other aquatic fitness gear will allow you to do more exercises. Adding a swim bar will allow the user to do more complex crunches and adding bar bells will open up a whole new world of arm and oblique exercises.

  • Adds buoyancy and stability to any workout
  • Supports lower back & adjusts for custom fit
  • Fits 26" - 34" waist
  • Easy to use